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Ducati 748SP (1995) HD Wallpapers, Price, Brakes

                                Ducati 748Sp

Ducati 748SP Price, Specs, Review, Top speed, Color, Wikipedia

                           Handling and general cornering performance were sublime, thanks largely to the Ducati’s rigid ladder frame and classy Showa suspension parts. Abundant ground clearance and fat. sticky radio Is helped too.

Ducati 748SP Wikipedia

                        Having created one of the world's most beautiful motorcycles in 1994 with the 916. Ducati sensibly built another that looked identical, apart from yellow paintwork, just a year later.

Ducati 748SP Specification

                          Feu bikes have assaulted the rider's senses quite like Ducati’s 748SP. The Italian V-twin’s bright yellow bodywork caught the eye: its booming exhaust note battered the ears: its fierce combination of acceleration, braking power and cornering ability took the breath away. A day at speed on the SP left reflexes sharpened, riding skills honed and body pummelled. Relaxing, the 748SP wasn't. Exciting it certainly was.

Ducati 748SP Front look

                           Building a smaller version of the previous year's 916 flagship was a logical move for Ducati in 1995. The race-ready 748SP. which was launched along with a cheaper, dual-seat 748 Biposto model, was designed to compete against the Japanese fours in the increasingly important 600 Supersport class. The new 748cc capacity came from a reduction in the 916's bore and stroke, while the bottom-end contained a lightened flywheel and close-ratio gearbox. With a revised Weber-Marelli injection system and a pair of carbon-fibre Termignoni cans, the 748SP produceda maximum of lOObhp at 11 .OOOrpm. 9bhp less than the standard 916.

Ducati 748SP Tail look

                            Both 748 models shared their basic chassis layout with the 916. including an identical blend of tubular steel frame and single-sided aluminium swingarm. Both used 43mm Showa upside-down forks, but the upmarket SP wore a rear shock from Ohlins rather than Showa. There was a change in braking, too, where the SP’s Brembo discs were made from cast iron rather than steel. The racy 748SP was uncomfortable and demanding in town, and low-rev response was poor, but on the open road it came thrillingly to life. Provided its rider kept the revs above 7000rpm, the Ducati was addictively fast. At lO.OOOrpm, where the 916 would have been getting distinctly breathless, the 748 was still roaring towards the 11 .OOOrpm redline through its sweet- shifting six-speed gearbox, heading for a top speed of 150mph (241 km/h).

Ducati 748SP Ex-showroom price in india

Concentration required

Ducati 748SP On road price in india

                           The 748's peakier nature made it more demanding than the 916 to ride. Approaching a slight bend with a gentle dab of brakes, the 748 needed a down-change where the bigger bike would have stormed forward again without. That was sometimes frustrating, but the greater effort and concentration required to get the best out of the 748SP often made for even more enjoyment, especially on a twisty road.

Ducati 748SP HD pics

                              That was also partly due to the brilliance of its chassis. Suspension at both ends was firm, which made for a harsh ride on a bumpy road, but on smoother surfaces the Ducati was superb. Its steering was not outstandingly quick but stability in mid-corner was sublime, and the Ohlins shock supplied an awe-inspiring level of feedback and control. Braking power from the big iron Brembos was excellent, too.

Ducati 748SP HD Images

                            The fast. loud, demanding 748SP was certainly not a bike for every rider or every trip, but on the right day and the right road there was arguably not another machine that was faster or more fun. Ducati’s new star became a hit in Supersport racing, too, where the V-twin successfully challenged the Japanese fours to bring the Italian firm a string of world titles.

Ducati 748SP HD Wallpaper

Next Generation - the 748R

Ducati 748SP HD Photos

                                    Ducati dramatically updated its 748 line in 2000 with the 748R, which the Bologna firm described as the 'most advanced bike it had ever produced'. A comprehensively revised fuel-injection system combined with larger airbox, bigger valves, new cams and pistons, CNC-machined cylinder heads and titanium conrods to give 106bhp, or 112bhp with race exhaust A revised frame and new Showa forks also contributed to a bike of stunning roadgoing performance and unprecedented racetrack ability. But in its initial seasons the 748R failed to win back the World Superbike championship for Ducati.

Ducati 748SP Colors

                        4 single seat, free-breathing Termignoni e xhaust mu fflers and a fat.Impound rear radial gave the 74HSP's rear end a suitably racy appearance.

Ducati 748SP On race track pic

                          Even banked over at 45 degrees, the supremely capable Ducati had ground clearance and grip to spare. Few bikes have ever been easier or more enjoyable to ride fast.

                       Specification Ducati 748SP                                                     (1995)

  • Engine Liquid-cooled dohc eight-valve 90-degree V-twin
  • Capacity 748cc (88 x 61,5mm)
  • Maximum power 100bhp @ 11,000rpm
  • Transmission Six-speed, chain final drive
  • Frame Tubular steel ladder
  • Suspension Telescopic front; monoshock rear
  • Brakes Twin discs front; disc rear
  • Weight 4411b (200kg)
  • Top speed 150mph (241 km/h)