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Ducati 1198S (2009) Review, Top speed, Color

                                            Ducati 1198S

Ducati 1198s

                    The 1198’s look was almost identical to that of its predecessor the 1098, apart from new logos and wheels. Very few people complained about that, because the Ducati's blend of sleek bodywork, single- sided swingarm and high- level exhaust system resulted in a stunning machine with a distinct resemblance to the legendary 916, especially when finished in Italian racing red.

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                The Ducati’s DTC traction control system was most useful when riding hard on a racetrack, as it allowed the rider to use the 170bhp V-twin engine's fierce acceleration out of corners with less danger of a big rear-wheel slide.

                The 1198 that Ducati launched in 2009 was stunning: sleek, fine-handling and powered by a mighty 1198cc V-twin engine that gave a lObhp advantage over the previous 1098. But it was the more exotic 1198S variant, introduced at the same time, that made the headlines.

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               As well as wearing the uprated chassis parts traditionally fitted to the Italian marque’s racier S model, it incorporated the first street-legal version of the Ducati Traction Control system, as used on factory racebikes.

              Ducati had fitted DTC to the flagship 1098R production model a year earlier, but this system had worked only with a racing exhaust system and could not be used with a catalysed, street-legal pipe. The 1198S’s redesigned DTC removed that problem,

               Allowing road riders to experience a traction control system almost identical to the one that Ducati’s factory ace Troy Bayliss had recently used to help win his third World Superbike title.

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                Having a sophisticated electronic system to help prevent the rear tyre losing grip under acceleration was particularly useful with the 1198S, because this latest eight-valve desmo V-twin was gloriously powerful.

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                 Its I7()bhp maximum output was matched by thunderous midrange torque. Fortunately the taut, precisely controlled, Ohlins-equipped chassis gave handling and stopping power to match. The result was an outstanding bike that combined performance and character with an extra level of safety.

                 Specification Ducati 1198S (2009)

  • Engine Liquid-cooled dohc eight-valve 90-degree V-twin

  • Capacity 1198cc (106 x 67.9mm)

  • Maximum power 170bhp @ 9750rpm

  • Transmission Six-speed, chain final drive

  • Frame Tubular steel ladder

  • Suspension Telescopic front; monoshock rear

  • Brakes Twin discs front; disc rear

  • Weight 372lb (169kg)

  • Top speed 180mph (290km/h)